Beyond the Brown Boxes

For weeks now, our lives have been lived amongst brown boxes; packing tape and labels; four knives, four forks, four spoons, a stack of paper plates; shriveling fruit and milk marks on frig shelves; freezer-burned chicken and soybeans; and the essentials COMPUTER AND PRINTER! Our destination to North Carolina is fast approaching. And this is none too soon, as we are quickly forgetting how to live in a CIVILIZED manner!! (SMILE)

Personally I need a break, would you like to join me for a few minutes exploring  where rainbows end, the food is exotic and the smells, colors, sites are dazzling to one's eyes? Let's spend a few minutes wandering in INDIA. Wrap yourself in your prettiest shawl, put twinkly shoes on your feet....

 and join me on a MAGIC CARPET ride.....

A good friend of mine, Bethany and her husband, Andy traveled India as part of their honeymoon. (years ago) They brought back mesmerizing, intriguing photos to share.
With Bethany's permission I painted from a few of these. 

All these beautiful pictures of real people and real events instilled in me this yearning to know this vast country better. India is on my list of countries to explore. But for now armchair reading and the travel of others has to suffice until the real thing comes along.

Women Empowered is a transforming book, featuring women from around the world and how they live their lives with joy and dignity.

This off beat and slightly irreverent book gives a great perspective on the co-mingling of religions; the history and cultural context; plus the ins and outs of traveling and living in India. On my second reading now.....

This is one gorgeous travel book, written in French, but that is okay, the photographs are worth a thousand words, maybe half a million? Delicious eye-candy!

Inspiration can come from about stamps?

And foreign newspapers, supplied by our amazing Sarah.

The best of course is the wonderful stream of photos of women around the world provided by Sarah our personal photographer extraordinaire!

This little sharing could go on and on, but let me close with the following update:
Bethany, Andy and adorable blond-haired daughters are now living in India. Sarah and family live in Singapore. A few months ago a long held dream was fulfilled as Sarah visited Bethany twice in India. And here seated in plein air are my most favorite travelers!!

Now how to thank these two special women for sharing the wonders and amazement that is India. As a surprise, I painted them both riding camels. Sarah and Bethany I hope you enjoy!  And yes they did ride CAMELS!!

We have come to the end of our shared moments in India, so it is time for me to swirl away.....

put my pink slippers away and slip back into my brown-box packing feet!!!!

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  1. I thought you may just have new a post up and I'm so glad you do. I thoroughly enjoyed putting my pink slippers on and taking this trip to India with you!! Brown-box packing feet are the least fun of any kind of feet! I felt like I was on the the magic carpet in the painting. The camel ones turned out wonderfully too. I can't wait to see it up in Sarah's house.


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