Color us GONE GONE GONE. All the work, planning, farewells and efforts to move from a beloved home to a new home of opportunity and adventure have now past. Finished. Done. Complete.

And with this chapter closing behind us, a by product has led me to neglect a few things like: bloggING, paintING, photographING and writING!!!  I have missed this creative part of my life. But..SMILES... today finds our new home in a semblance of order, all those "brown boxes" emptied/donated, studio set up, a wee bit of food in the pantry and all the beds made. Now the new studio is beckoning, COME BACK, COME BACK. 

The day before the movers came to load all of our STUFF,  I buzzed around Havre de Grace, revisiting all the tiny nooks and crannies, the quaint and quirky, the favorites and  funky. This is a village that is very hard to leave. SOOOOO  today's post is a JOY to offer you: photographs of some really luscious places in HDG!  Next posting will be the really funky personality side of the village..you know the "I can't believe it is real".....but for now, join me for an armchair view of the village that opened our eyes and hearts to vistas of land, water, sky.

Swift footed mascot strutting before his court!

Farewell for now...ducks, geese, seagulls....footsteps and fallen feathers the marks you leave behind.
Sweet magnolia...petals of creamy wax...flower of the South.
Hydrangea mounds majesty

Havre de Grace is not bashful. Homes and businesses are as colorful as a platter of delicious cupcakes.

Popsicle Colors 

Giant trees to climb and pretend to be a damsel in distress or captain. of a pirate ship.


Faux French Chateau, robust with life and ambiance.

 Step inside, inhale the perfume of herbs, vitamins, minerals, incense and the mildewy age of an old building.

First rays of sunrise skipping across the bay reflecting on the windows of the RiverView Gallery. My home away from home, hosting many of my paintings. Tamara Stickler, a multi-talented artist herself, with an eye and natural instinct for displaying works of art, is the Gallery Director and a Very Best Friend. It is Tamara that I miss most in Havre de Grace.

A few of my paintings sitting in the front window, speckled by blots of sunrise. Love love the papier mache fish appearing to float out of the glass bowl of goldfish up into the Lily Pond painting. This is the humor and talent of Tamara to put works of art together, to settle shoulder to shoulder.
Thank you for sharing a few minutes with me. Feel free to write or paint from any of these photographs. I intend to myself. How better to sustain a memory. 
I can't resist sharing in the next blog the really quirky personality of HDG!!!  Then I will get back to sharing what I am working on now in my Art Journals, my new studio and life in the SOUTH.
Home is where we reside at this exact moment, where our hearts beat, and we enjoy each moment of living. Home was once Havre de Grace, home now is Charlotte, NC.


  1. What a fun post to view but I can see why it was such a hard place to leave! Can't wait to hear more and see reports of your new digs!

  2. Sharon, this is beautiful as is ALL of your work. I'm going to place a link on my website for others to enjoy. Sometimes those of us who live here take the unique beauties of our city for granted. Thank you for your delightfully delicious observations both through your photography and in your words. Enjoy your new home! Charlotte has received a fine gift! Warmly, Ellie

  3. And Charlotte is so very happy to have you! Love your work..count me in as a Candy-Grandma "follower."


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