Funky, Quirky, Only in America

Funky, Quirky, Eclectic, Unbelievable, Different, all comes down to PERSONAL STYLE and TASTE. And in this grand, huge, enormous country, the USA, there is room aplenty to express oneself.  We have heard it often said, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."It is the unpredictability in life that is so fascinating."

The day before the movers arrived, my camera and I continued our  little "wander."  We went here and there sifting through many memories.

"So long, Farewell....."
"Down by the Seashore, Early in the Morning."
The Yellow Castle in the Sky is empty for want of retail sad.
Windmills anyone? They are abundantly present in Havre de Grace.
The Cadillac of Windmills.
Ship ahoy me mateys!!!!
A front yard filled with eclectic sculpture.
Gravity defying,  bent metal all magically linked together.
Waiting for the Bride and Groom.
Americans LOVE their FLAGS of RED, WHITE and BLUE.

This little meandering has fed my MUSE. What funky, quirky little treasures decorate your home?

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