It was rather warmish outside. Fading Dusk. Just right for a Bubble Fairy to POP by.

The double tiered fountain was gurgling away while the Funny Bunnies blew bubbles from tiny green bottles. Waving their magic wands, bubbles jumped in and about the fountain, danced across the lawn evaporating into the warm evening air.  One Funny Bunny, lip slightly drooping, lamented, " I wish the bubbles would last longer. I want them to dance on my nose!" 

Now every one knows that Bubble Fairies have very keen hearing. And this particular Bubble Fairy was passing by the garden when she heard the Funny Bunny's sad words. Ever so silently the Bubble Fairy slipped quietly to the gurgling fountain and put Fairy Bubble Syrup into the water.  (Fairies love SWEETS.)

 Humming her best fairy song, the Bubble Fairy, like the best of bubbles, evaporated into the air, leaving a hazy iridescence hovering over the fountain.

Ever so rapidly, faster than a blink of a lady bug's eyelashes, silky foam dusted the top of the fountain. POOF ONCE--POOF TWICE--POOF--THRICE-- it GREW and GREW and GREW until enormous, billowing pillows of BUBBLES danced over and under the fountain.

Well, you should have seen the faces of those two little Funny Bunnies, ASTONISHMENT, they  couldn't believe their eyes. The bubbling fountain looked like a DOUBLE Cupcake slathered in foamy FROSTING!  And then the FUN began,

"Who left all the beautiful bubbles?" asked the Funny Bunny.

Meringue Bubbles everywhere, sticking like stamps on a postcard.

"My WISH came TRUE. Bubbles to tap on my NOSE!"

Nighttime with its velvet blackness arrived too quickly. The stars came out and the bubbles continued to match the radiance of the twinkling stars. The Funny Bunnies went to bed dreaming their bubbly dreams. The Grammy of the house spent the night scooping armfuls of bubbles out into the night air, quietly THANKING the BUBBLE FAIRY for hearing a child's heartfelt WISH!

                            Bubble Fairy Inspiration

Remember to ALWAYS speak the WISHES of YOUR HEART!


  1. I love these posts. Your grandkids are truly blessed and so lucky to have you! Samara will love these posts and the artwork too. I can't wait to show her when she wakes up from her nap.


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