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However we choose to document our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, our elation, our experiences, our UPS and DOWNS....there is nowhere to go but THROUGH until it has been marked somewhere, sometime.  And there it stands, MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES THAT CAN LIVE ON.
What a journey to "mark" down your life when young. But it matters not what age you embark upon the path of journaling, it just takes BEGINNING!

Drawing and writing about Balinese Puppets. Perfect for keeping in a journal or special box.
These cute teenagers are  "mugging" it up for the camera  having created bright wonderful paintings. Each time they look at their piece of art, they will remember this fun painting event. When they see a golden sunflower, hear the name  or see a  painting by Van Gogh, it will bring them back to this time and place.
A journal and sketching class at the famous Ruffles Hotel in Singapore.  We are studying with Lorette
This was a dream come true to join this sketching group with a Master Teacher. 
Recording my own adventures on a sea view patio....everyone swimming while I stay back and just paint and ponder the mysteries I have been absorbing.

Working on the first stage of an Art Journal that will chronicle the last weeks before we left Havre de Grace. Over looking the Chesapeake Bay these pages will take me back to these short sweet hours.

I will leave this little "teaser" journal posting with a few completed Art Journal pages done two years ago. Just looking at them  fills me with memories that would be lost if I hadn't recorded them. And sometime in the future, hopefully my progenitors will love reading them.

I look forward to sharing lots of fun interesting detailed journal ideas in the very near future.


  1. oooooh!!! I love this. What a great idea. These are journals your posterity and everyone for that matter will cherish for ages to come.

  2. I missed this post, but really great pix about all the various forms of journaling, something we both love!


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