Way Out West

Hi here We are in Park City, Utah.

We are loving the brilliant blue sky filled with mile high cumulus clouds. Almost like touching heaven, the clouds are so close. We are visiting family and took a few hours to drive to eclectic Park City where we spent our Easter honeymoon manymanymany moons ago. Park City is famous for it's skiing, winter sports and the Winter Olympics. It is QUAINT --UNIQUE--one of a kind.

Store fronts are vintage era, many painted in charming colors. The Main Street is steep. Fun to walk down and peer in windows. A bit taxing walking back up the steep incline. So many art and photography galleries including one fabulous collection of Russian Impressionism. A feast for the eyes. Speaking of feasts lots of eateries and our choice was to dine under sunny yellow canopies.

One man waiting to be served was mightily complaining that he didn't want to be in the shade. Well he changed his mind after sitting for awhile under the intense, high altitude sun. This how he handled his frustration!!!

I should share something right now, similar ti a disclosure. The photos were taken with my I Phone and using a blogger app I am slowly, very slowly typing this out !!!!!! Have no idea how this will post but surely won't have Fun FONTS and COLOR. If it works I can blog on the go gypsy style. Amazing reflections look closely at what lies behind the reflections.

Simple glass of water with quickly melting ice cubes. What a challenge to paint.

Can you find me in the reflection? I Phone in hand.

Top half of same windows. Heaven's reflection.

Larger than life sculptures everywhere. This is the way my parent's side in their youth, mile long, heavy wooden boards.

Now this is my kind of BIKE!! Painted, stationary, no way to tip over!!

Thanks for joining us on our little adventure. If this post works there will be so many fun stories to share.

Location:Park City, Utah

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  1. This post was so fun for me. I LOVE park city and worked there for 8 different winters. I'm glad you are enjoying your time in UT.


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