Santa Lucia Day

Last year I recall writing a blog chatting on about Santa Lucia Day and the  sheer fun of this family tradition in our family as they grew up. Time creeps up and the inevitable becomes reality. The traditional baton has now been passed down from our children to theirs. It makes my heart cheer!

Authentically Santa Lucia Day is celebrated before dawn, when the world is quiet,  the sky is dark and all are asleep. But with LITTLES in one's family, ingenuity is often the key to success.

Such as last night when we enjoyed a fun "Santa Lucia" breakfast-dinner. 

Funny Bunny didn't let a seriously slipping crown of leaves and candles deter her from eating her nummy Swedish Oven Pancake. First she doused it in pillowing pillows of whipping cream; topped with her mom's homemade raspberry sauce; pushed her crown up and licked the top off...hmmm not sure the pancake is quite as good as raspberries and whipping cream, but it was eaten with gusto nevertheless.

Decades of holidays have passed since I painted each of the FIVE BIGGIE KIDS in the family their own tile, with original recipe in BIG letters.
Swedish Oven Pancake
Each year I anticipate a frantic phone call from at least one of them, "MOM! help, I can't find my  recipe  can you PUHHHHLEASE send me a copy?"

Sure enough yesterday I was wandering in World Market, which in itself is a yummy place to be at holiday season, the phone rang LOUD (forgot to turn off) and  _____ called with THE REQUEST!!!  Love it!!! Wonder who it will be next year.  We haven't missed a year yet. 

Just in case YOU want to make this tasty dish, the recipe could use a bit more clarification. Preheat oven to 400. Using a dripper cake pan, put 1/8 lb of butter in pan and heat in the oven until completely melted. Meanwhile, take all of the above ingredients and mix well with a blender (watch the lid) or with a hand mixer. Don't let batter settle, mix and immediately pour into hot pan. Takes approximately 30 minutes to cook. It gets high, higher, highest, nice and puffy and golden brown.... Serve immediately. The puffiness will collapse, but if you eat it fast enough you won't notice. SMILE.

What makes life more interesting and fun than  Family Traditions. Would love to have you share some of yours in the comment section. 

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  1. I love it!! What a fun tradition. I saw that darling recipe and art piece at Rochelle's. My mom served her mission in Sweden so I will have to try them out with her.


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