Cruising to Japan

Okay I am totally bored on this flight to Singapore. Only five hours into a 23 hour flight. This is when the "glamore" of travel becomes a test of will. A good time to attempt to share some journal. Unfortunately some pages uploaded side ways from my scanner and I can't get them upright. I think yesterday's blog warned of messy postings, sure enough they are. Next post hopefully from cambodia.... Okay let's see what happens !!!!

Okay got one photo up! But I can't size .......wonder what it will look like on the blog???? This is a journal I started in the Havre de Grace park just before moving from Maryland. I started this journal with just sketches, simple drawings and collage. Much later I went back adding writing, words and captions. The plastic pots of paint are filled with Golden Acrylic paint with white added to it. In plastic cups with lids the paint is still in excellent condition.

Sorry about the random position. But here is the page completed.

This is the gallery where I have many paintings for sale. Many wonderful artists and my friend Tamara is the gallery director and exceptional artist..

This page is devoted to the volunteer opportunities I had in Maryland. So many ways to be of help. I loved every opportunity that I had.

I loved collecting the Mary Englebreit paper dolls in her magazine. An art journal is a perfect place to keep these odds and ends we each think fun, holding some sort of memory. The center picture is a print of a child's painting that I did.

Best Ice Cream in town......summer porch where everyone gathered. I always always got vanilla!!! So boring!!!

Glued a full page photo to start with. Then added various blue washes of thin paint. Added bookmark,writing,small sketches. Maybe I should stop just in case this is too large to post via wifi I will try to figure out how to keep pictures upright. I hope this blogging on the go is successful. What ever time zone you are in, be happy.

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