Where I am Going?

The night of New Year's Eve, I sat with two little "Funny Bunny" grandchildren, thinking about their futures, their blessed family/home life and just who and what will they become in a few years. Such pleasant thoughts.  Tucked in bed, the evening hours turned into quiet moments for reflection. Nothing spectacular, no dazzling fireworks, no bubbly drinks and calorie-laden snacks, just sweet time to be still and ponder. 

I had high hopes for 2010 and remember writing a glowing blog about my expectations last January. But LIFE turned into REAL LIFE in REAL TIME. My mother passed away in the deep of winter. My husband  had an operation for cancer just weeks following her death. We made a momentous decision to sell our home and move to Charlotte, NC. A granddaughter in another state became chronically ill. We finally moved in the heat of July.  A month later my husband had another surgery. The high hopes seemed to be dashed to smithereens no matter where I looked.  And around me were others with equally compelling and poignant challenges of their own.

Then life changed, it always does. Life is not stagnant, it ebbs and flows, and so did our days. My husband recovered, we happily live one block from the Funny Bunnies that add so much joy to our lives and I quickly was accepted into an active art community.   I found my voice again in painting, art journals and photography. I paint my brightest paintings when the minutia of life clings to me like barnacles on a great coral reef. Like a vague, nebulous cloud, I was beginning to slowly gain sight into the potential of the remainder of the year. It was a very happy realization.

I wanted to write a blog honoring 2011 New Year's Eve to express my joy in the direction life was going. I wanted to wish you all a blessed 2011. But the words escaped me, I could think of nothing worth taking your time to read.  So I shall say it now,     "Blessed 2011, may it bring hope, goodness, and resourcefulness to your life." 

May I take this time to explain what is happening the next five weeks.

Tomorrow we fly to Singapore for a very long visit with our son and his beautiful family. It has been quite awhile since seeing them. (My but they will have grown.) While we are in Singapore we will take the truly awesome opportunity to visit Cambodia and Southern India. Such a blessing to be able to be with family and also pay homage to families much like our own, but living under different circumstances. 

My hope is to be able to post blogs "on the go." They may be a bit crooked and funky, but the sharing will be the same, straight from my heart to yours. I wish to be a lens through which you can see some of what I experience: the love for others and their culture.  I do not know if I will be able to post onto main FASO website. Blogspot will be the main place to read whatever electronically floats through the air. 

If you are interested in seeing my FASO website I have redesigned it, adding two new Collections: Art Journals and Photography. http://sharonfurner.com/

This will be a place to take respite for a few moments and see photographs (amature, amature please) and gain inspiration from some art journals. These collections will sprout like mushrooms!!!

Yes, 2011 is starting out with abundant opportunities and blessings. And I wish the same for you. 

Okay, okay...I simply have to post some sort of color, so here is a preview of one page from an art journal. There will be more in the next posting.  Hmmm Maybe I better add a photograph also.  

Into every life a little rain must fall, but then we  put  umbrellas away for a season.

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