52 Lists: Week 17--Creativity/Inspiration

Just check Amazon or your local book seller and you will find an endless barrage of


on creativity, inspiration, finding one's passion, how-to's, following one's North Star, etc. etc. etc.

Easily there must be a book a day published addressing this  topic.

Week 17 on Kellie's "Get the Word Out" asks us how we personally stay inspired, what sparks our own creativity?

Honestly, I have nothing astonishingly  NEW to add to the subject.

But I will share a few sassy thoughts!!!!

That is all folks...easy peasy...
and if you run out of your own inspiration, remember that there are more books on creativity than a boat load of Peanut M & M's!!!!
Smiles: Sharon


  1. i love this painting of yours sharon...and your words of inspiration??? each one a favorite on my dance list of joyful living.

    so glad you are so indelibly etched on my heart!

  2. What a fun list!! Inspiring! ;-)


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