Texture Tuesdays: what do you Love?

Like many, I often casually say that "I  JUST LOVE" this and that, a casual use of an important word. 

One day I might LOVE  Peanut M & M's. Tomorrow LOVE reading People magazine. Another day LOVE McDonald's chocolate sundaes.
Last week LOVING someone's new hair cut.

But one sincere, thoughtful "LOVE" is travel. Travel anywhere, anytime, solo or with family.

That all tangles and mingles into another pure love---other CULTURES and wishing with all my heart that I had the ability to translate what I see and feel as I travel about, onto canvas.
Putting my feelings onto canvas is elusive, difficult, but worth pursuing.

This week's texture sharing is based on a  painting I have shown before. It is a small oil painting of two little girls "bone tired," sleeping on the dirty damp cement in a Hindu Temple, in their beautiful silk dresses.

Kim Klassen shares on a weekly basis free textures that she has created for our pleasure. I chose two that I felt enhanced this painting and the conditions in which these two little girls were sleeping.

Scratched Magic July--Soft Light--98%
Drop Cloth--Soft Light--97%
Levels adjustment

I wish you every goodness. May your dreams come true. May you expand your essence and feel Love.



  1. The textures compliment the painting beautifully! Lovely work.

  2. You have asked us to really think about how easily and lightly we use the word "love" for what is really our small and rather insignificant "likes".

    May you continue to pursue putting it on canvas - as we who view your work are better for your effort.

    Emotional and beautiful painting,wonderfully textured.

  3. Lovely, dramatic, very artistic!

  4. One of my favorite paintings! You did a beautiful job translating it onto canvas. I need to go check out Kim. Textures are something I'd really like to learn more about.

  5. How beautiful. I love how these textures work on this lovely painting.


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