The Question We Should Ask Ourselves

Most desire, that we bring people together into a dimension of
We are all SPIRITUAL BEINGS, with a common source.
One trait only can bind us as a Universal Family
The question we might consider is:
What can I do to further my role in creating a Universal Family?
We must bring a quality of unconditional LOVE.
In order to do this, we, ourselves, must feel loved, appreciated and recognized. 
Then the gift can be passed on to others.


Images of New York City

St Paul's Cathedral, next to Ground Zero

Should you be in New York City, you might consider a visit to this very TINY church, where HUGE HEARTS poured out love, help, solace and where HUMAN KINDNESS and SACRIFICE is soaked into every fiber of this edifice.

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  1. Beautiful Sharon - a sad day for our country, but good can always come out of even the worst tragedies.


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