Texture Tuesdays: to DO

Tuesday comes around rather quickly,
or perhaps it is because working with textures
is a learning challenge for me
and I spent perhaps a wee bit too much time on it.
but it is so fun.

There are many websites that feature working with textures on Photoshop, but truly the
favorite of many I love is presented by
Kim Klassen, her heartfelt sharing is larger than her computer monitor!!!

She is always dangling the proverbial "carrot" in front of my face and I want to do it ALLLLL  !!!

So today the theme is to the verb: DO....now is that broad enough?
So here are my two interpretations of DO-ing, using


I am always learning.....and these two images have opposite problems: one is too dark and one too light.
I think that working on pieces of art work makes it difficult to know just how to texture.

Generally a painting becomes complete, with no further need to work on it. 
Adding a texture changes the dimension immensely.  But as I keep saying:
it is loads of fun and I will continue to experiment.


  1. Sharon, these paintings are wonderful! I know what you mean about spending the time. I think over time you get familiar with various darks and lights and what it takes to bring them to life under the texture.
    Love your work.

  2. What wonderful interpretations and responses to Kim's 'do' theme. Beautiful work!!!

  3. Both are lovely - my favorite is Consensus!


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