Art in Grand Central Park

Time Flies.
Whether you are having a good time or not!

Can't believe it has been two months since we were in 
New York City, taking in the sights, walking holes in our shoes,
grabbing taxis when the heat of the cement burned 
through the holes in the same shoes,
visiting new museums and
revisiting others.

Spending hours and hours in Grand Central Park.

I finished some paintings from our visit
and thought I would share them with you.

These young girls were singing their hearts out, sending melodies
out to all who passed by.

Staying in the shade while playin' his saxophone.

The venerable hot dog trolley is rapidly being replaced by utilitarian
mini kitchens on wheels....glad I captured this for
the sake of nostalgia.

For some reason a hot dog just tastes better when purchased from
a vendor with a brilliant umbrella.

Just need to get back to New can never get enough!


  1. Oh how lovely it would be for the people in your paintings to see what they inspired! These are beautiful, Sharon.

  2. You have certainly captured the sounds and scents of Central Park. How lovely to see it transformed in your unique way to a wonderland of dazzling color.

  3. Oh..these are wonderful paintings of Central Park. I can see it..feel it..imagine what it was like. Beautiful work!

  4. More gorgeous paintings from you!!! I Love your happy joy filled blog!!
    xx Susan


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