Texture Tuesdays: RED

This is my RED letter day, well, RED texture day. I LOVE RED.
Over the many years that I have been painting, RED often pops up in tiny accents or BIG SPLASHES!!! RED is my husband's favorite color and actually RED followed by PINK are mine.

Before I share my texturized painting, a few paintings using RED as a focal point.  

Hard to believe, but this powerhouse painting is only 6 x 6 inches. The use of RED as a main color gives it a wow factor.  

 The yellow really POPS in this rendering of gorgeous sunflowers due to the various REDS used. 

 RED the dominant color....use of complimentary color important here.

I finally decided to try various textures on a painting I have previously shown.   The original painting Klimt's Sisters.

 Textures compliments of Kim Klassen.  I used Wisdom and Vintage Magicness.  They really changed the feeling of the painting, pulling your eye into the center focusing on the two main figures.

Have a lovely autumn day, thank you for dropping by. 
.............in fact have a RED LETTER DAY!!!! 

until next time, Sharon


  1. I love your paintings with or without the texture. The first one is really calling to me right now! So lovely, Sharon!

  2. WOWO!!! I LOVE the RED but I LOVE your paintings! Love so much the Klimpt sisters!! Geez, the power you get into your work!!
    xx Susan

  3. Sharon,
    What amazingly luscious reds! It is certainly clear that this is a favorite color for you and you wield it to such beautiful effect. The painting with the added texture does add a vignette effect that pulls your eye to the center.

  4. i am absolutely smitten with you and RED.

    love your paintings sharon and wish dreamily that we were neighbors.


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