Sketching over Water

You can tempt me with chocolates,
you can tempt me with frosty mugs of root beer,
you can tempt me with dinner and a movie,
I can resist though hard it might be
 tempt me with new art supplies
and I can't RESIST.



Patience is not my strong suit, but before I get too carried away squirting out luscious colors, I make a sample card. The reason for the numbers is to identify the color once on a palette. When they dry it is difficult to distinguish between colors. I mark the numbers on my palette with permanent marker.  My ode to organization. 

Before trying some quick sketches, lots of fun doodling and swatches of color. A bit of a warm up.

We recently went to the beach, hence the beach theme of very loose sketches. Light mark making in pencil, bouncy pen work with   permanent ink, followed by washes of diluted color.

The "Quins" are very strong pigment and a little goes a long way. They don't loose their vibrancy with water.

After the watercolor has dried, more details are added with pen followed with a light scribble of colored pencil.  It is all just for fun and relaxation....nothing serious here, my friends.

This page in my journal is a bit more complex. First a light diluted wash of color. Next build up the contrast, by using more pigment and less water. Sometimes I use the color straight out of the tube.  You will notice the blips of white....that is white gouache.

These new colors were more fun experimenting with than going to a movie...and I love movies.  If you are into watercolors, serious or just for fun....and haven't tried the "Quins" pick up a few tubes....

Quinacridone colors are also available in  oil  paints. 

Happy Painting...smiles, Sharon


  1. sharon,
    you are so amazingly delicious i cannot believe i have been away even a daY from yOu!

  2. Sharon - I loved seeing a "behind-the-scenes" view of your painting process. While I am not a painter, I can completely understand your love of these paints. How rich and vibrant!

  3. Look at these gorgeous colors! Like you - I go weak at the knees whenever I walk into an art supply store. What fun!


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