What could be Different to Share?

Writing a blog post can be rather a challenge on many levels.
Energy, Time, Commitment and IDEAS..
There are weeks when I can't think of anything that might be interesting to share. (Don't want to bore you!) There are other weeks when ideas jump like O.R. popcorn out of a kettle with lid OFF!

I started this blog years ago and the purpose and theme have changed with time. 
But the primary focus was to discuss ART. (I do wander and stray away at times.)

Searching for something fresh to share on a weekly basis, 
it occurred to me to post faces painted in a very serious manner, faces in sketches and faces in a really crazy, folksy sort of way.

Once a week I will slip one or two Faces into the pot and see what comes out.

Today I share two:

This oil was done several years ago...one I wish I had not sold.   

This is portrait of a Tibetan woman in her beautiful turquoise and coral adornments. I love the deep burgundy blushed cheeks  of the nomadic Tibetan people.  Oil on black under painted panel.

Did I mention that these would be serious mixed with punky-funky. This painting along with 5 others in the series, are inspired by the life of Edith Piaf. I was totally smitten after seeing the movie of her life,  and listening to her raspy amazing voice for hours on end. 

 Marion Cottilard won a best actress academy award for her amazing transformation as Edith.   

Acrylic, gouache, oil pastel, pencil, India Ink,
bamboo pen, and fingers!!!  Lots of luscious layers. 

Next week I will share a few more portraits.

Feel free to download for your own personal use.


  1. Sharon,
    Wow! I love the contrast in style of these two images - you have such an impressive range in expressing yourself visually. I love them both, because they are so different and capture different moods and emotions.

  2. Sharon, I love both, but my favorite is the punky-funky one!

  3. Sharon.... WOW!!! These are very beautiful. I love both of them, they are so very different from each other, but both so amazing! I understand that feeling completely about keeping certain pieces for yourself. I am debating with myself right now about 2 pieces that I am thinking about keeping.
    Love the new look too!

  4. I just love that Tibetan woman. Your idea of showing weekly faces is a wonderful one!

  5. The Tibetan woman is beautiful. What a deep and thoughtful expression. I don't know who Edith Piaf is so I will have to go look her up.


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