Fastest Two Days Ever!!!

Have you ever noticed how time can come to a stand in unloading a very full dishwasher or folding a bed piled with fresh laundry?
Then there are the moments that fly by so fast you want to put reigns on and pull back...whoa boy!

This past week we spent two days and one night in Asheville, North of many starting points to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains....a breathtaking journey.

One could spend a week writing about of our favorite NC spots, nestled at the foot of the BRM. 
Quaint, funky, derelict, fashionable, yogis to yoga,
art walks, art galleries, eclectic, run down, upscale, The Tea and Spice Exchange,  gifty-shops, and the best bookstore ever...
If you like anything on paper, you have to head to Malaprop's..there is even a spot for tea and yummies.

It was pretty cold, but hearty vendors kept the Farmer's Market open. Most were too busy hanging onto their tent frames to try and sell anything...but I managed some fantastic French pastries and apples I have not tasted was the color of plums...unfortunately it wasn't very tasty! "But it sure was purty."

Another fun bookshop is in Little Switzerland: Books and Beans...not sure where the Beans comes in, but the bookstore is zany fun, teeters and totters, an ant's maze of books....very dusty books,  intriguing none-the-less.

There were actually two levels of books...the ceiling was crumbling and patched with yellowing newspapers!!!! the floor squeaked, dust bunnies flopped and floated everywhere.....but ah, it was heaven, a real-honest-to-goodness used bookstore... which included a wood burning fireplace emitting wonderful smoky odors and HUGE WORN, THREAD BARE chairs and couch. It all called out, "Please stay and linger awhile."

Asheville was our "home" while we explored the Blue Ridge Mountain was an amazing journey.

We went from this:

to this, in 30 minutes!

Sunglasses to Sun Goggles!!!

To see more amazing photos check out my blog on Photography and Prose.

 Heart thought:  Start the week out by scheduling in an hour for an autumn walk...keep your eyes downward...amazing what is at 'foot level.'

Until next time..keep smiling, Sharon

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  1. Sharon - Oh, Asheville has long been on my list of places I must visit - thank you for further proof that I need to get there with your lovely photos.


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