Texture Tuesday: India

Like pungent cardamon, a thousand shafts of seed falling on soiled saris of silk., blaring Sun beats down like a heavy crown of gold. Survival--life-- comes through cooperation and care of one another.

original painting 

Adding textures to this painting seems to make it more REAL, more AUTHENTIC. Life is hard from a physical stand point. However, Life is lived to its fullest potential, family, children, faith, home, food and companionship. 
Thank you Kim Klassen. for lovely textures. Peace, Scratched Magic textures, plus brushes around edges.
Heart Thought: put yourself in another culture, another place, another home. You would still be who you are, your essential core stays the same. We blossom where we grow.

Until another day, stay happy. Sharon


  1. Lovely painting. I love it with and without the texture.

  2. Gorgeous idea. Your painting is beautiful, and I love the way the texture makes it look.

    Just lovely.


  3. Sharon,
    I like the way the texture adds another element to this painting, giving it another layer of richness. I am amazed at the way you can capture the feeling of the hot sun.

  4. Very nice work. I love each one of them. :)

  5. Yes - I think the texture addition really adds to the mood and feel of the scene you've so beautifully and lovingly depicted. Really nice!!!

  6. sigh.... what a lovely painting and beautiful so true words. I love them all (both paintings and the words) So important to be true to ourselves... I find it easier as I grow older.


  7. dear one,

    beautiful post full of wisdom and heart.
    i have been away....from most all blogs. under a mountain of details that hopefully will blossom into making a difference in the lives of many others.

    i hope to catch up with you this weekend. i miss you friend and carry you close in my heart, even when my plate is full!



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