Friday Portraits

With Halloween in a few days, there will be lots of strange,
whacky, funny, hip, ghostly, scary, gorgeous faces trick or treating at the door
Do you dress up for Halloween? 

Well, I have not drawn/painted any Halloween images, so I will just 
share one that I did a few days ago.

Will be available matted,
at The Silver Brush Art Show in November.

Old map collaged onto heavy watercolor paper; watercolor;  oil pastel;
graphite pencil, reed pen with China ink; bees wax finish.

Gosh what a lot of "ingredients" for a simple, sketchy face!

Happy Halloween!

Until next time: don't eat too much chocolate!! Sharon


  1. Love her! Sadly my current eating plan doesn't allow for chocolate (she says with mouth watering)

  2. Sharon,
    Oh I simply adore this - old maps are a favorite of mine - what a creative background. The face is simply gorgeous. If I wasn't watching my retirement pennies, I would buy it from you.

    (Loved your photos of the mountains - amazing vistas and autumn colors. Still can't comment on that site so I wanted you know how much I admired your images.)

  3. I just love this lady you've created!! Perfect for Halloween...and the old maps work as the perfect backdrop!


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