Celebration Time Come On.......

November is a big celebration month in our home. Birthdays galore!!! It is one BIG BIRTHDAY BASH, plus THANKSGIVING.  Our second son was born on the 7th, our first daughter on the 9th and second daughter on the 30! "Celebration time come on......." And now, by way of Grand Announcement a Grand-Daughter will be born on the 7th if all goes as planned. Little Funny Bunny No-Name is soon to make her appearance.
Actually we thought it was pretty neat to have a baby at Christmas time, the best family present ever. So in honor of all November birthdays, a card for you to download and print. (See print button at bottom of page.) For your personal use, please. 
Heart thought: “See how the boy is with his sister and you can know how the man will be with your daughter.”   Plains Sioux Native Americans


  1. How exciting for you! Can't wait To see my new granddaughter due in 10 days! I will be downloading the card as it is my 57th birthday tomorrow on the 6th. What a beautiful painting.

  2. This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Your blog is just so fun and exciting!! Your beautiful work and all of your news!! So fun about the new baby, always a welcome blessing, those little ones. Love,Love your blog Sharon!!!
    xx Susan

  3. How exciting for you!! And - so many birthdays in one month. Me too - I'm a November baby! Thanks for the card!

  4. How fun! And I'm so excited for your new addition coming next summer.

  5. I hope the No Name Funny Bunny arrived safe and sound, and all is well. I do hope there will be pictures! We are at the end of our celebration time, as with in a months time everyone has there birthday in my home (husband, two daughters, and myself)... a busy but joyous time! Thanks for your comment,and the beautiful card to download!


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