Friday Portraits

Edith Piaf was born December 19, 1915. Her life is shrouded in mystery, misery, and tragedy.Perhaps born on a street of paris, or perhaps in a charity hospital....she nevertheless was homeless and raised by sisters of charity.  A mere 4”8” giving her the name of the Little Sparrow. This Little Sparrow had a voice like none other...beloved for her ballads, Chanson Francaise...her voice is total magic. You can purchase her recordings today...just drift over to Amazon.  
A few years ago the movie La Vie en Rose was made. Mesmerized, I watched it straight through two times, and then once more. I bought her tapes and listened non- stop to her magical voice, that belied her tragic life. 
One evening I went to my studio and started a series of face paintings, all were imbued with her haunting eyes. They just magically appeared on my canvas. I have never had an experience like that since.
I have sold these paintings, but decided to recreate them for our Silver Brush Show this weekend. I couldn't capture the magical quality of the first paintings.I should not have expected to. 
I showed my favorite on a blog post a few weeks ago, here are two more to enjoy. 

La Vie en rose one and four.

Edith’s eyes held mischief and great sorrow. 
These paintings are not meant to replicate her image, just a fleeting impression.
8 x 8 panel: acrylic, graphite pencil, reed brush with china ink, and oil pastel. 
Heart Thought: whose music, voice, or presence transports you back to another time?
warmly, sharon


  1. I love these Sharon! Hope you are well.

  2. Sharon,
    I really do adore these paintings. And that you have found so many ways to portray Piaf, showing so many sides of her personality but always those eyes.

  3. Sharon
    I love these paintings!... I also love the chef one in a previous post. Love the colours, love the composition, love the looseness...basically love it all! I haven't been blog reading much lately, so am having a wonderful visit this morning. Thank you!

  4. Oh..those eyes!! Me too - I've seen La Vie en Rose - many times. And you have rendered her beautifully!!!


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