Friday Portraits

Do you think that red heads have more fun? How about blondes? Well I am neither.....but it definitely is more FUN to paint redheads! And this one is pretty sassy.  
“Scarlett” is part of a series of Book Club Ladies I did a few years ago. I only have an image of one other BC lady, I will share at another time.  Scarlett is definitely confident.  I suppose she is a Clairol Woman.

Acrylic on canvas.  Sold.

Heart Thought: I always wanted curly hair, did you ever wish to have something you weren't born with?

Smiles: sharon    


  1. I love this. I forget about your blog and then I go to the bookmarks and I am never disappointed. I have stopped complaining about my hair because others have far more problems. I was born thin,and I would still like to be thin, but no deal.

  2. Sharon - of course blondes have more fun! But it would have been even more fun to have "naturally curly hair" like Frieda of Peanuts comic strip fame. So yes, I completely understand about that desire.

    Love the painting. Your portrait work is stunning.

  3. Totally lol i think those with curls want straight hair and those with straight hair want curls lol

    hugz bev

  4. Oh yes! I do love your red-headed gal..and I have to imagine that they must have more fun..just because they are 'different'???

  5. Fantastic! Love this...wonderful colors! Yes, I have curly hair, and I always wanted it straight ( of course:-) ), even though I have accepted it by now, and actually quite like it .


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