From My Cluttered Table

I speak quietly, not wanting to offend my easel,
dear heart, hasn't been missed this past week!
I am happily SITTING at my messy table
just doing "this and that."
Sometimes I have to go to the garage
to work with encaustics,
but that, too, creates a messy table.
 I can SIT, as long as I don't catch
something on fire!

Yesterday I doodled away at "contour" sketching....
well I take a few liberties .
The trick is to draw something to completion but never take your 
pencil off the paper. 
AHEM that is not easy. 
So here are two humble tries.
Like I said, I did fudge here and there.

These two characters wouldn't make the grade as Mr and Mrs Claus! But the lady reminds me a bit of my Grandma Rhoda and the gentleman below...well has to be some lost uncle.

This really was an experimental page...if you look carefully you can see the faded pencil link going from one feature to another.

If you are sitting somewhere anyone who reads blogs gets bored....try contour is rather liberating and did i mention fun?

Heart Thought: do you know anyone who could use a "thinking of you" phone call today. I think I have a list of about ten who could use cheering!  I better stop writing, and make at least one call today.  I feel very blessed to not NEED a call, but can GIVE a call.
Enjoy the beginning of a new week.
Smiles: Sharon

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  1. It's been years since I've played with contour sketches. You have definitely inspired me. What fun!


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