December Just Sounds Delicious

don't you just love the word...
like "embers" in a cozy fireplace?
My Birth-Year is in December.
Three of our children were born in November, 
November babies just seem like the most precious gifts
ever in a season that holds great religious
meaning and tradition for so many
world wide. 
December: contemplation, compassion,
sharing, and celebration in little and big ways.

I hope that your DECEMBER is free from too many worries,
set backs.
That you can enjoy the interior meaning of the Month.

A long standing tradition in our home and now the homes of our grown children, have been Advent Calendars,
I sorely wish I had photos of all of the Advent Calendars we have had through the years.
One year a wooden coke case, painted green and red, bright and cheerful, held 24 tiny ornaments.
Another year a felt banner with little pockets to hold treasures.
Absolutely gorgeous German printed
Advent calendars, we saved from year to year because
 they were so special.

The only advent calendar we still have is a book  
from the ever endearing Tasha Tudor, with her nostalgic, soft watercolors.

 Today, unless you look hard, most paper calendars
are more cartoon-y, and often hold a piece of chocolate behind their little doors.

My inner heart goes back to that time of Yester-year.
Could it be that these were the years when our children were young and believed in nothing but good in the world.

May your December be sprinkled with 
Joyful memories
and an 
Open Heart.


  1. Sharon - sending the same wishes back to you. Wonderful memories you have shared today. Here's to having an open heart.

  2. I just love that old-fashioned advent calendar. Perfect..and beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful post, Sharon. Wishing you and yours all the deliciousness and blessings of the season ♥ We used to have Advent calenders too - the old ones were the best by far.


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