A Little Table Clutter

Do you ever get a wee bit bored doing what you are expected to do?
Not just dishes, laundry, chauffeuring, picking up..
Do you ever get bored doing your creative pursuits and feel like you are in a rut of some sort?

Preparing for our art show a few weeks ago I was thoroughly tired of painting on canvas, framing, labeling, etc. Tired and bored, all inspiration used up.

Passing that hurdle....VACATION...came to mind.

Here is where I went:

To a very messy table, and it is going to stay that way for a LONG time, until I get duly BORED again.

Anthropologie has some really cool Indian inspired collage papers, all glued together to form a sheet. (see blue paper patterns in upper left corner)  Well that started it, plus taking an on-line class with Katie Kendrick, all about faces.

My VACATION within my studio.

Now that my table is properly messy, it is time to make GIFTS, EXPERIMENT and just MESS around.

Please remind me to POST some of my little VACATION-NESS !!!!!

Heart Thought:
If you had the time and means, or even if you didn't, what creative pursuit would you explore....different from what you already do?


  1. I like this idea - a vacation within your own creative space. I think we have all been there - in that creative rut - I'm glad you found your way out. I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Sharon, can't wait to see what your create while "on vacation"!

  3. I LOVE the faces! Wonderful... I wanted to take the course with Katie Kendrick, but no time.... there are so many wonderful sounding on line courses that I would like to take - but no time. And yes I understand the need for a vacation. I have not been very creative all week, after a couple of art sales... but now it is time to get some Christmas gifts ready



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