101 Faces in Five Days....that is silly!

New Year's soul searching seriousness is now past, gone, over with. Whew! Made it to the NEW Calendar:)

I have my "string of words" to inspire me through out 2012.

....inspired by Patti Digh's book of similar title.

And now to have a bit of good ol' rollicking fun.

I signed up for a five day class with the fabulous illustrator and author, Carla Sonheim

You may have already purchased her best selling book:

This is such a terrific book that I gifted our very creative grandson with it.

Not sure what all we will be doing, but faces are the subject. And knowing how Carla loves the silly, whimsical  funny-bone in art, it should prove to be perfect for starting out the New Year with a silly-i-ness bang.

Carla asked us to do a little assignment prior to class today: draw some random faces....it is the baby-step of attempting  100!!!! faces.  I better sharpen my pencils!

My humble first homework assignment.

I promise to not post 100 plus faces these next days, but a few are sure to pop up....who knows I might be inspired to try for 200!!!  Remember Life truly IS a Verb!

Smiles: Sharon
Heart Thought: do you find a moment of silliness, fun- to- have fun in your day?


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of your "silliness"!

  2. This looks like such fun!! I'm a big fan of Carla's work..such a terrific sense of humor. Happy 2012!

  3. This book looks so interesting..Thank you.I love your art;)


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