100 Faces....going forth.

I think I should offer my services as a 
spokeswoman for Carla.
Monday's assignment was so much fun.
We were asked to work on pieces of paper cut to uniform size.....I prefer for now to work in a large, watercolor notebook.

Eight pencil and watercolor faces

As long as I can,  I will label my faces....after about 75 I bet I use numbers, followed by letters!   LOL

Ink sketches from life using non-dominant hand.

I had no "live people" around me, 
so I found a magazine with exotically dressed women.
I found it easier to draw the faces with my left hand, than to do the hand writing!!!!!   Interesting, eh?

Oops, almost forgot. I also found it easier to do the non-dominant work in pencil than pen. I couldn't quite get the angle right on the pen, and my fine tip pen was getting a little dry. 
The top left face is the only one in ink.
Because I am using white paper, I loosely filled in the negative space with India Ink.

This was fun...thanks Carla.


  1. Sharon - really amazing work! I am always in awe of your drawing and painting abilities. And to capture so many unique faces. I love the pencil and ink ladies.

  2. Your faces look GREAT! I love your non dominant hand ones. They are amazing. I was going to take this course, as I love Carla's courses, but looked at the list of what I want to do this month, and decided against it. I already have many fun things on my list. I look forward to seeing more of your faces.... and I love her book too!


  3. What a fun project...I'm partial to the pencil and ink ladies too! All lovely!


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