A Gaelic Prayer for Rebecca

I became acquainted with Rebecca but a short time ago, through her blog,recuerda mi corazon. 
If you don't know this gentle, gifted woman, you will wish her to be your best friend, just as I have.
Today Rebecca is in need of our prayers and heaven wishes for a full recovery from surgery.

Rebecca is Nature, Sky and Water. 

May this Gaelic Prayer bring Peace to her Heart.

Deep Peace of the running Wave to you

Deep Peace of the flowing Air to you.

Deep Peace of the quiet Earth to You.

Deep Peace of the shining Stars to You.

Deep Peace of the gentle Night to You.

Moon and Stars pour out their Healing Light on You.

Deep Peace of Christ,

the Light of the World to You.

Blessings to you dear, Rebecca
Count the stars to know how many send prayers and heaven wishes for your full recovery.


  1. What beautiful images you offer up in hope and prayer. For Rebecca!!!

  2. Sharon - this is unspeakably beautiful!
    what gorgeous images - you are a wonderful and generous friend...

    xox - eb.

  3. It is so rich and lovely how you have put together the dynamic photos for Rebecca*!

    I need to thank you and tell you how "special" you are to have written on my blog such words of comfort and prayer. I appreciate you! You are precious.
    I will visit you again, and follow your blog. Thanks.. xo Blessings, Darlene♥

  4. my darling sharon,

    i am so taken with each offering of light and beauty. this has been an incredibly difficult time for me and i know i could never do this alone. thank you for such beauty and your dear prayers.
    i am working so hard at returning to life, certainly your love brightens the way.

    i am deeply touched and my heart is lifted by your love and generous friendship. thank you with all my heart.


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