Why is Chinese New Year so fun for our family?
Perhaps because we have a daughter who taught school in Hong Kong, and a son and his adorable family who lived in  
Hong Kong and now Singapore.
What they love, we love.
What they find joy in, we find joy.
What they experience and learn...so do we.

Today our daughter Sarah sent photos from an outing she had with two of her children; exploring the color, preparation, excitement and festivities of 
Chinese New Year.

I think you will find it quite charming and colorful on the streets of Singapore.

Stall after stall of special fruits and vegetables.

Vendors with dried meats, especially duck

Globes of golden oranges, growing on trees, in baskets 
overflowing with Good Luck.

 Children wearing typical red and gold Chinese costumes 

Every fruit imaginable is dried, mountains of sweetness.

 Bakers work very long hours preparing the traditional treats. Mooncakes are my favorite.

The Year of the Dragon.

Thank you Sarah for today's little excursion.


  1. oh sharon you have filled me with exquisite red and gold joy! may abundance of love and the delight of life's simple pleasures fill every ones soul cup!

  2. yes!
    red and gold
    and the joy
    of new beginnings
    courage and prosperity...
    these images are wonderful
    thank you for sharing
    this delicious visual feast...

    xox - eb.


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