I DID IT !!!!

Yes, I did. I completed Carla Sonheim's Faces 101 !!!
Not certain but this might be a first for completing an on-line class.
It helps to have just FIVE days.
Day Five was fun and challenging.
Here goes:

Not easy!!! We are drawing someone we KNOW!
Imagination work is loads easier.
Two hues of colored pencil.
Can't get away with erasing, when you use colored pencil!

The easier part of the assignment:
Stylized Faces.

This was loads of fun...I used charcoal but also some sort of unusual waxy feeling charcoal I bought years ago...have no idea what it is...no labels!!! But it came in a box labeled, "Made in China."  The mysterious crayon is the light bluish gray...
I was going for a 40's look.....

The last piece a Free For All....

I call her Stash? Why? Before I was born, my parents decided that if I were born a HE, my name would be STASH!!!
So grateful I was born a SHE!!!

Collage on Stash Tea box....just a general mish-mash that was really fun and very fast.  Great idea to do a series and frame in mats with thin black frames.
Maybe another time.
Thank you Carla, for this "Silly" Trip.....it was a welcome change of pace and I learned that there are endless ways to approach a drawing, especially faces.
 I will definitely continue to work with our new techniques...and add a bit of "silliness" to the mix.

Carla's next class is Imaginary Animals.  

Charcoal on my fingers: sharon


  1. I can tell you had fun with this class - the results certainly show that sense of playfulness and silliness. Your final collage of "Stash" is quite lovely - a tribute to the "you" that might have been.

  2. These are FABULOUS!! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. yes you did...your line work is beautiful, especially love Stash.


  4. truly you make it all look so EASY!!!
    i have returned to plaster...and i enjoyed it tremendously!

  5. WOW!!!
    at those colors in your banner
    peach blushing at salmon dusk...

    xox - eb.

  6. Hi Sharon. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just spent some time looking at your 101 faces posts. What an interesting class and the results are fantastic. The brayer may have smeared things up but the result was not so bad. I liked that happy accident.

  7. WOOHOO!! Congratulations on finishing the 100 faces, having fun, and doing some wonderful creations. Doing the faces with such a variety of techniques looks like so much fun (and so much time!) THey look great! I wish I could see them all! I was fortunate to take a in person imaginary creatures course from Carla with my 16 year old daughter.... We loved it!


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