Finger Painting with Imagination

If you are still with me on this little 
journey into Silliness....thank you! Hope a few sketches brought a smile to your face!!!
Today is the last day of Carla's course.
This afternoon I will complete the projects...and there will be a real silly factor in the conclusion.
However due to time constraints may not post until Monday.
Big deal, I know!
At least I will be able to say I completed the entire course and not stopped mid-way!
So here goes:

Out of respect for the class, I don't feel that I can say much about HOW I did these tiny sketches, but obviously I used graphite pencil. 
It was a really fun project....and what I like....using one's imagination, no photo references.

Now this was super fun...this is one little technique I will keep up with.
Actually want to share with my Funny Bunnies 1 & 2. They are just old enough.
I dubbed this "finger painting with imagination!"

I forgot to name the Lass with the Green Hair. She is my favorite.
 Out of all the little techniques we have worked on, I like best the ink dropper...and this one.
But who knows, there is today's lesson yet to explore!!!

Smiles: Sharon

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  1. Oh yes - the green haired lady has such a quirky, memorable hair style showing great flair and panache. You capture so much with so little - I find it completely amazing.


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