It Just Gets Better, Not Easier

Our 101 Faces just get more fun, but fun often equates to being more challenging!
For instance:
I did endless continuous drawings, men, women...more than I would ever share!
Did I hear you say "whew!"
Never removing your pen from paper is like a  big puzzle, where does one put down the first piece?
I usually chose the wrong spot.
I will only bore you with one page.
The two faces that look smeary, well they are, using a water soluble marker I dampened the lines for the shading. 

 You can see that I didn't always make it in one swell swoop of pen.....
Ah, now we can look at subject and take pen off of the paper....much more in my comfort zone!!
This was a good project and will do again.
Definitely frees up the whole arm/hand movement, let alone the brain that wants to do it "its" way!

PS: my gosh, once enlarged and on a blog, you really really see your mishaps! But that gives one a learning point!  Right?

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  1. Continue to be in awe of your faces and the way you capture so much life and personality in each one. Fun to see your experiments.


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