Cleaning Out the Muffin Tin

A few weeks ago I shared this:
Muffin tin filled with acrylic paint....that was taking up frig space...not that i cook that much!
I scooped up gobs of paint and finger painted on several canvases. 

Then they sat and sat
waiting for "someone" to have an inkling of inspiration!
Ah, where is that pesky "inspiration" when you need her?

Shortly after a box full of Stripey Stones from the delightful Elizabeth Bunsen arrived in the mail.

Slowly stuff in my head started to percolate.
The final straw, hmm, stone that got inspiration moving was reviewing some photos of rock formations taken in Cambodia.
Click here to see the Photography and Prose posting of very intriguing ancient stones.
That did the trick....time to sit down and work on those canvases.
And a new series blossomed:

Who would guess that gobs of color was under all of this mixed media work.
Each piece incorporates: Collage, Stablio pencil, Graphite Sticks, Crayons, Pastels, Colored Pencils, Acrylic and China Ink.
Everything but the kitchen frig...well almost everything.

The Cairn series will be UPSing to the RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace, MD.
Heart Thought: when Inspiration dries up, stalls, gets lost in the fog of to-do-lists where do you GO to get things mixed up and moving again? 


  1. Love, Love, Love ♥♥♥!!! I would never guess what was under the luscious painting! Your blog looks wonderful - the colors fit in so nicely with the approaching spring!

  2. Sharon - I LOVE this series!
    how could I not? - stone stack lover that I am - my Dad is here so my flow is different - before shutting everything down before bed - I thought of you - wondering...
    you have inspired me - thanks so much
    still hoping that you have saved the muffin tins - no washing!

    xox - eb.

  3. This is incredible!! Love how you've transformed the 'globs' of paint into inspirational stones. Love it!

  4. These are so very beautiful Sharon! I also love seeing the beginning step, and knowing where inspiration comes from. Right now I am a little stuck ... I know that will change, but for now will keep moving along. I often get inspiration from reading through other blogs, from nature, and from looking at books... it will come, I know it will, I just have to be patient.

  5. delicious!
    oh how one inspires the next and the circle grows....
    like skipping stones on a reflective lake.
    thank you for your light!

  6. the muffin pans did really stir up some great pieces of work! well done.


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