To Hibernate?

It is the wrong season to go into HIBERNATION!
After all SPRING SPRUNG a MONTH ago!

Time flies on BUTTERFLY WINGS when LIFE is GOOD!

This long "vacation" has been spent painting for a gallery and a solo restaurant show.

But more importantly, time has been wonderfully spent with our adult children and GRAND-children....our first true gathering in three years.
For a few photos of our antics, visit Photography and Prose.

And now: A few new paintings to share with you.

There has been much to celebrate these past weeks. 
It is also wonderful to be sharing some posts with all you dear friends.


  1. Sharon - good to have you back in blog land again - you have been missed. Your paintings are fabulous - my favorite is the purple flowers in the aqua vase and the one after it - with all the flora surrounding the house with pink windows. Such vibrant, joyous color. Wishing you best of luck in your shows.

  2. Love your new work. Like spring itself. keep it up

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