Sketch a Day

A few weeks ago I started to play around with sketch  prompts from Danny Gregory's blog. I knew that it was the perfect time to use various media and mediums with which to sketch.  

About a year ago I was all into sketching with my i Pad. But like many good things it faded from my attention and time.
But it is back full force!! SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

And no ink stained fingers.


implement from the kitchen


It is a luxury to have a tablet. Mine goes everywhere with me. Doing sketches on different apps takes a bit of practice. There is a learning curve.  So I just scoot around trying different things. 
Having fun is my intention at this point.

Today's apps are:
53 Paper
Adobe Ideas

Until next week, keep those pencils sharp.

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  1. Yes, no clean up, no mess, and an undo button! What could be better. Lovely works Sharon! I so love your header I want to sit on that red sofa and look as comfy as she does!


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