Every Day Matters

Today was a pretty nifty day.

After three visits to the Apple Store (as though they need any free publicity) I finally got i Photo straightened out. It was ruling my life.  Third times a charm.  I am at Peace with i Photo....for now anyway.

We received a 60.00 rebate check...whooppeeeee.
That doesn't happen very often.

Visited my favorite store on the same "mall" block as Apple:
Headed to the Sale Bin and found a really cool book for half price.

Great photography, graphics, recipes and story line.

And closing out the day, I am sharing two sketches.
Last post I shared some thoughts about Danny Gregory and his sketch a day challenge.
Every Day Matters Challenge. click for website

I thought about keeping up with this and reasoned: if I don't make a huge hoopla out of one sketch a day, or close to that (I will never manage one a day); if I am willing to just use whatever is at hand and not over think things...... I am going to give it a try.  

Sunday and Monday sketches done with permanent marker and watercolor.

My take on my own photographs from last post.

I purchased this adorable cup and saucer at Anthropologie in New York last year.  It is definitely my favorite cup for morning hot chocolate...yup even in our torrid heat!
Heart Thought: sometimes we need to lower our expectations a wee bit. Be kinder to ourselves.  Not attempt to please everyone all the time. Little adjustments here and there can bring more GRACE to our days.
Be Kind to Yourself, dear friends. 

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