I have BEEN messing around

At the first of the week, I promised myself to post again  THIS WEEK.....And I have been messing around with paint, colored pencils, markers, scrap paper, scissors, glue......all the really messy stuff.

Interruption:  on Thursday my "usually very sweet, compliant" computer had to make an unexpected visit to the computer doctor!

It is now Saturday afternoon and I have brought her home, all better and ready to go.

So to keep my promise to post again this week, and behind in scanning all my "photos" of "stuff," due to lack of said computer, I thought I would share a really FUN and INFORMATIVE website.

Now this won't be a surprise to everyone who loves to sketch, but I really am impressed with
 Danny Gregory.  

He wrote books you might own, Everyday Matters, The Creative License and An Illustrated Life.

I haven't seen his website for a very long time...much to my loss.  So I went peeking around "before my computer got a nasty headache."

He has a great idea for all of us who would like to do some little bit of art every day, well almost every day.

EDM Challenge
Every Day Matters Challenge.

A very simple subject is posted and one sketches to the theme.

Click here.

Pretty fun, eh?  And not hard to do. Now not all sketches are in color, there is black and white, wax pencils, colored pencils, a bit of this a bit of that.
Follow the link to his website where you can view pages in his journals, see videos and all the books he has published.  So many informative and fun things to enjoy.

Tonight I will sketch a piece of FRUIT, how easy is that when there is such a plethora of fruit to choose from right now.  High Season for Fruit Lovers.

So my little goal is to follow along with the choices presented...then when I have actually done a few days worth, share in one blog.  I certainly don't need to bore you with one sketch a day.

Not much of an excuse to not sketch a piece of fruit!!!

Well time to get back to my ARTSY PLAYTIME...before my glue stick goes dry.

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  1. I love Danny Gregory. He is one of my very early-on in this process 'inspirers'. Thank-you for this reminder to go back and visit him again!


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