Rather Neglectful....Good Things to Come

I do manage to have big gaps in this blog.
Probably because I have been spending more time on

What is a girl to do? When she LOVES everything?

Well to get me settled down and painting again
I  signed up for Mindy Lacefield's

yummy class
Neat Stuff: a nostalgic journaling adventure.

I took her previous class but didn't complete enough to post. 
But I have good intentions to be a better student this time around.

Isn't it super to try something new.  

It is all about Kid's Play with lots of fun, messy paints, pastels, colored pencils, glue, paper scraps...

I will Eat my Cake (hmmmm TART)

If I don't pull through this time.

Ahhhhh ohhh, I just remembered that this week I need to make Pesto, Strawberry Jam and Peach Jam.

Maybe I will rub a few pieces of fruit on my journal paper to start the painting juices flowing again!!!!

Even if it is just background colors on journal paper, 
I will be back with something to post THIS WEEK!
(Whew I never make commitments like that!)

Take time out to HUG yourself and your Loved Ones!

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