Meri's Musings: Blessings

It has been a space of time since posting on Meri's Musings...Her space is so uplifting, giving pause for thought.  This week she speaks of blessings.  I suppose the word Blessing means different things to different people. 

 Tuesday I read about the suddenness of Cambodian children becoming desperately ill, some swiftly slipping into death. I vividly recalled just a year ago being in Cambodia, visiting the orphanages, viewing a hospital with mothers' lining the street with their beseeching children tugging on their dusty skirts.  The Cambodian people have been through so much, but there is a blessed resilience. The younger generation: the "littles" in their world, are innocent  brown faced children with moon shaped smiles. 

They are happy. They are optimistic.  They love people.
They bashfully yearn for recognition and attention, as these smiling children in a local orphanage attest to. 

I feel blessed to have briefly rubbed shoulders, touched hands, admired artwork, and seen joy in their faces.

This week, three in our family have had some health issues, some more serious than others.
We pick up a phone, call a doctor, get immediate help in a clean, sanitary environment with the latest equipment and testing abilities.

These children rarely have access to medical care.
I am grateful they are finding the "cause" behind this sudden illness befalling the "littles."  
That is a Blessing.

But I wish for MORE for these children.


  1. Oh Sharon, what a timely post for me. Just last night I was at a YWs activity. We made hygiene kits for a doctor who is going over with an LDS medical team on a US navy medical ship to do surgeries and give treatment in Cambodia (the ship also goes to the Philippines and Malaysia). It made me so happy that this type of service was happening. Every time I think of the beautiful people of Cambodia and all they've been through my eyes well up with tears. I feel so blessed to have been there and seen what amazing people they are despite all they've been through. I am so sorry to hear that you have several family members who aren't doing well. We just found out my BIL has stage 3 melanoma. It's so hard to see loved ones going through health problems but we are blessed with such good medical care. I hope you are well despite all that is going on. Wonderful to catch up on your blog!

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful children with us!!!

  3. dear sharon,

    your compassionate heart for others is a blessing to all. you are the quintessential traveler, the ambassador of good will. you walk this earth with your heart wide open and everyone is included in your love and care.
    i am so honored to be your friend.


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