Come and Play, Please.

Welcome to my new SERIES:

Lolli-Pop Colors

When you see Dolly Lu-Lu and Kitty you will know it is 
Play Time.
Which means lots of fun Lolli-Pop Colors, only Really, Gooey, Messy Stuff allowed, and unadulterated spontaneous FUN!  

Join me over the next weeks as I share with you all the really messy stuff from my 
"turned upside down" studio.

Today it is all about PLASTER.

Plaster is about as messy as it gets....really outdoor/garage fun....

Tubs of powdery plaster, water--glue all ingredients for having a super duper fabulous, messy time.

Gesso, acrylic paint, fine line Sharpies, graphite, paper, crayons.....rather looks like a crazy bowl of marbles. 

Puffy heart, with twine around the middle.

Little stories in the making.

Couldn't resist Playing with some of the photo apps on my phone. I applied an app called Glaze.  Pretty Playful.

There is loads more to only gets fun-ner and mess-ier.

Heart Thought:  when life gets a bit down and out, think up and over....right to the messiest art stuff you can round up.  


  1. Hi Sharon i have u on my google reader and love seeing what u get up to love the plaster bowls what fun and so whimsical...
    hugz bev

  2. It does look hugely fun! love those bowls!


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