Anatomy of an Art Show

The Silver Brush Art Show has now come and gone. It is a charitable event with proceeds going to the Matthew's Help Center.  This is an organization that does much good in our community, especially supporting children and families who are facing difficult times.  

After all the hours of creating new works and preparing them for sale, the time approaches to  load heavy metal display panels,  paintings, boxes of prints/cards, display stands, receipt books and miscellaneous needs  into two vehicles. Fully loaded we drive off  with high expectations.

The annual show is held at Weaver and Bennett Law Offices in our home town. They graciously donate the rooms that we use.

One challenge we all face is deciding how to attractively arrange way too many paintings in a small area!!
But, when you are most exhausted it all falls into place. There seems to be a spot for everything.

Have a peak!

Each artist presents food in their room on opening night.  The law firm provides the drinks.
Being so short on time this year, my appetizers were not FANCY, but nevertheless gobbled up.

The Lollipop-Pop-Kids Collection and color co-ordinated plaster bowls were favorites. 

Paintings are attached to wire racks, covered with pillow-slip fabric cases. They are always a struggle to put on....rather like a TIGHT GIRDLE.....(for those old enough to remember.)
But they work.

Below are two new paintings just completed for the show. They will be on the website, when I next update.

Not everyone, by any means can afford a painting.  But they do love to pick up a print of their favorite painting or a handmade 

It is always a challenge to display paintings which are very diverse in style, color and size.  

 Wanting to help the Hurricane Sandy victims in some small way, I set aside two panels and filled with smaller paintings, with the intention of giving all profits to relief organizations.

People were most generous as most paintings sold. All money is going to an animal humane center in New Jersey.

Probably what surprised people who know my paintings the best, were the softer blue palette paintings.  Two of them sold.
So I guess it is okay to switch things around a bit.

Just a peak into the world of an art show, a modest one!
Thank you to all who came by to support me and my fellow artists.
Thank you for your purchases. The funds raised go to very worthy causes.

The best part of a show like this are the people who come by to share a love of art, visit and chat and leave a bit happier.


  1. What fun to see your art show setup! I'm glad it was such a success. And I LOVED your blue palette paintings, especially the first abstract one. Lovely work as always.


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