What More Jitters?

Gosh, what is the Furner household coming to?
First the election jitters....(thanks for voting family)..and sincere prayers for hearts to mend and compassion and compromise to gain a foothold.

Next in the Jitter line up:

Tonight and again tomorrow, the Silver Brush Art Show in Matthews, NC, holds its annual art show
 that supports the Matthew's Help Center, a pivotal charitable organization aiding thousands of people, especially children.

Anyway, the show is all set up and ready to go.

I will be introducing my Lolli-Pop-Kids series.
I have to say they look a little unusual next to my regular paintings...a touch of YOUTH! never hurts.

More updates:  I have taken 15 of my paintings that date back a year or more and heavily discounted them.  All money, will be donated to hurricane relief...Red Cross and Humane Society for Animals.  

What paintings are  left over I will attempt to post on this blog or website and you can have an opportunity for a 50-75% reduction on a painting, knowing your dollars will go to hurricane relief.

If I only sell the paintings for charity I will be a happy camper!

Make today a "smile" day in our family as it is our daughter, Melinda's birthday! 

Happy  Birthday, Melinda.


  1. Sharon, I absolutely love your Lollipop Kids. The linking of what is usually the brightly colored look of children's art with the shabby chic, grungy look is brilliant. Great job with this painting.


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