Election Day Jitters

I wasn't sure what to do with myself today.
I could complete preparation for Silver Brush Art Show this weekend.
I could clean my studio that is a dismal mess.
I could sort through the several thousand photos I took this past month.
Gosh, I could even do laundry, as in ironing!

Today is Election Day.
(as though you need reminding!)

In 1972, Richard Nixon was elected, defeating George McGovern.
And as the ballots flew, I was birthing our third child, Mateo.

So ELECTION DAY is fun...sort of a BIG HUGE EXPENSIVE PARTY for our son.
Happy  Birthday, Mateo

Yes, I did vote.

So here is the problem, it is beyond absurd, but I am more concerned about the person (s) who lose than those who win. Is that lopsided or what?  But I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose the most important election in our country!!!

So to break this ridiculous mind set, I am here fiddling with my blog.  The only thing, art wise, that I am inclined to mention is the 
art show I participate in is this weekend in Matthews, NC.  

Here are a few of the paintings.

These are small 8 x 8 paintings. I recall going to the grocery store and purchasing a wilting bunch of daisies.  I instructed my paintbrushes they would have to stiffen the loopy daisies up a bit to be presentable.

Working from a composite of photographs, this little delight reminded me of warm, sunny, Provence days, when the light is golden and clear.

I will be introducing my new line of Lolli-Pop-Colors at this show.

My spirits are a bit better now. At least I have done two things today: VOTED and SENT A LITTLE BLOG YOUR WAY.


  1. beautiful paintings Sharon...

  2. Amazingly lovely paintings! I adore them all but my favorite is the Provence-inspired painting. Who wouldn't want to be there, amidst all that gorgeous color.


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