Candy Grammy's Art

My art path has been varied and long. One of the really fun turns in the road
was painting "fine art" for children.
Full size canvas, same paints (usually acrylic), tons of imagination and
Voila  a fun painting for a child's room that they could pass on to their own children.

Eventually some of the better paintings were licensed with Oopsy Daisy from California who produce canvas reproductions.  I still have some works under license.

After signing a license, and their photographing the work it was my choice what to do with the original canvas...sell it or gift it.
So gifting to grandchildren has been fun.
I love re-visiting the paintings in our grandchildren's rooms.

Ella lives in Asia and attends a Canadian School. 
It is quite the school, everything I wish our children had experienced.
They  do amazing multi-cultural projects, visit unique museums, and study in depth various subjects.

 Ella, our GRANDE-DAUGHTER,  recently had an assignment to choose a piece of art and explain why she liked it, what appealed to her.

Her mommy, sent me her written article and a photo of the painting she "studied."

I was very impressed with how insightful, this adorable, eight year old is....
and yes, she LOVES LOVES LOVES art.

In fact she teaches "art school" to her younger brothers.
And is the curator of the family walls...where art is hung with scotch tape.

Ella's words:

This piece of art is called “Fairy Shopping” by my Grammy, named Sharon Furner.  Grammy started painting when she was a little girl.  Her mother (my great grandmother) inspired Grammy to paint.  Grammy does art shows and sells paintings.  Some paintings she gives to us.  Most of our paintings from her are what happend in my family in the past.

I like this painting because it fills up the whole space (there are no blank spaces) and it has really nice, bright colors.  I like the fancy pumpkin house.  Everything is fancier than normal life.  Even the trees.  I like how each of the houses look different and are different in colors.  I like how Grammy used depth.  I like the little fairy because she is so small.  I like the title “Fairy Shopping” because I love shopping.  I wonder what it would be like shopping in the Fairyland with this type of fairy.  I wonder what kind of things we will buy.  I wonder what kind of fairy she is.  I think she’s nice.  I think she probably likes shopping for clothes and fancy different things.

And I think that Ella in "spot on."

Thanks cutie pie.

Love, Grammy Candy


  1. That is adorable!! There is no better fan to have than sweet Ella.

  2. How wonderfully precious - to give a one-of-a-kind gift, one directly from the heart, and then to have that gift repaid with a child's honesty and innocence and love. A lovely story.

  3. What an amazing Grande-daughter you have! A precious story, thank you for sharing. How lovely for her to have your wonderful painting!


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