Playful Paintings

Last spring I treated myself to a really fun online class with Mindy Lacefield.  I tried very hard to keep up, who wouldn't want to, when it is  Play Play Play with color, glue, paint, paper, scraps, anything you can get to stick to paper!  

To lend a note of joviality to the holiday season, here is a peek showing a bit of my homework!  I think you can feel the joy and freedom.  My next post I will share how I created all this messy mark making into paintings for some of our grandchildren.

Fingers, hands, brushes, pens, pencils, chalk, sticks and stones, glue, crayons, was crazy chaos pulling out so many mark making items.  
Maybe that is why I kept up with the class, I had made such a mess I didn't want to clean it up!!!

Mindy had many ideas for us to play with.  My favorite was making sheet after sheet of blissful messes! 
Another we used fancy tapes and wrote out words, thoughts, or sentences in improvised handwriting.

 Oops this one is sideways....but it is one of my favorite scribble sheets.
When I finally got down to creating something, I color copied all my work, then tore it up, glued it to another substrate, and scribbled over that.....and so it went.

 This is one of my first pieces that was actually a project.  Using lots of my scribble pages I adhered them to a notebook.
Next I painted the girl's face over the torn papers. Finished with a gloss varnish.

This was a  fun class and Mindy is offering another new class in 2013.
I think you might come away feeling happy and lighthearted if you visit her website.  
Click here:

Hope to see ya' all in a day or two for more 
Playful Paintings......

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  1. I know I've said this before - but I love seeing your process - how you creatively play! Wonderfully joyful.


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