More Playful Paintings

The last post was fun to share, just playful painting, no agenda, playing in the Sandbox of Fun!
So let's Play Some More.

 More scribbles and dibbles, scootin' around the paper. No rules!  Just have PHUN!  I used A LOT of gel medium or Mod Podge!

Phunky Faces!

With all this play I thought it would be fun to create one painting for each of our five grandchildren who live out of the United States.
Personalizing was the fun part: I added their interests, country of birth, names,  little bits and pieces of their personalities.
So much PHUN!

I used a 16 x 20 substrate to glue everything onto. Then finished by painting the bodies and other details with paint, crayon, colored pencil, gouache....whatever seemed fun.
Last they were framed in black frames with glass.

The kiddies were pretty excited to receive them, find all the little details and hidden pictures.

There are still a few more Playful Paintings to share with you. So until next time.  Sign your name with your non-dominate hand!!!!
Or scribble a silly face.


  1. Love your ability to create lighthearted and loving art!! To you and yours - best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

  2. Dear Sharon, I love to see your playfulness too, your colors and the way you photograph your 'playing' and the way art is so much a part of your life. Happy New Year to you!


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