Circus Clowns and Prancing Bears

The past few days the weather as been "dove" gray. 
Actually I rather like it this way, it is mind-mellowing. However for variety I thought I would share a few more "brightly-colored" Lolli-Pop paintings.

My birthday comes five days before Christmas....a bit awkward when I was little.  School was out for the holidays, so my name wasn't written on the blackboard under Today's Birthdays!  

But there was always a chocolate birthday
cake and ice cream. AND I lived next door to my grandmother, grandfather and dear aunt who spoiled me.

I loved, loved, loved pink cotton candy. Things haven't changed much in that department.  Today there are grand-kiddies to share with, which means I either hold it high above their heads or grab a handful to last a long time or smile and be excited to share this pink confection of spun sugar, their sticky fingers locked to mine.

Recently I wrote a list of words I recall from my childhood, things I either did or loved to eat. I gave myself two minutes to write the list. (try it, so much fun)

The words spring from an era when Bubble Gum was really Bubble Gum not a hard, tasteless ball of cement.
Of course that competed with Black Jack and Clove gum. Innocently, I never thought my teacher could actually "smell" it on me, until I was humiliated into "spitting" it out.
Can you tell that I was raised on a farm, along with chickens, sheep, pigs (really hogs), turkeys and feral cats.

Of course an eight year old girl had to do more than roam in the fields and be chased by rams.
Reading and Paper Dolls filled many hours.

My mother did try to put a bit of "culture" into my quiet daily existence.  Ballet: I think I was dismissed for lack of coordination.
Piano: teacher expelled me this time, for lack of focus and practice.

With the passing of time and traditions I emerged into teenager-hood!
So today my only carry over is the drawing. And here we are sharing child-like drawings.

Awhile back I shared three of five paintings I did for my grandchildren who live out of the USA.

Here are numbers 4 and 5.

Re-reading this post, there is something I left off of my "word-list:"  Cloud-Watching.
As a Little Bits I could relax by a creek bank in the weeds and prickly grass dreaming for long stretches of time as the circus train of clouds rolled is no different today, only I stay out of weeds and other itchy things.

Do you ever stop while driving, walking or interrupt what you are doing  just to stare at the sky, marveling at the colors, movement and formations of the clouds? I still see circus clowns and prancing bears.

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