The Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year is fast approaching.  I love sharing posts about Chinese New Year.
This year it starts on February 10th.  
The year of the Snake...come on, can't we postpone that one?  Yuck.  

In learning, age and youth go for nothing; the best informed take the precedence.


With my first visit to Hong Kong, I became a collector of small paintings and commercial cards by Chinese Folk Artists.  Their clear colors, bold designs, and naiveté are very appealing.
 Of course this carried over to other Asian countries, where I am always on the outlook for Asian/folk art motifs.

These colorful, child-like innocence drawings are from Cambodia.

It you look at what the card is portraying, it is truly Cambodia.
The umbrellas to protect complexions and from rain; bikes pedal and motor, piled with entire families and a chicken or two; goods moved from one place to another on the same bikes; open markets; celebrations with special instruments and umbrellas; festivals the entire community participates in.

The artist is Stephane Delapree a.k.a. Stef one of the emerging, original painters in South-East Asia.  

To learn more about Stef, you can visit his website
Happy Painting click on name.

I wonder if he produces coloring books, my Funny Bunnies who are scattered all over would love one!!!!!

More Chinese New Year coming up.

For now have a great New Year wherever you live.  Think and dream in color and simplicity.

smiles: sharon


  1. I love those prints. I can't wait to check out all his work.

  2. Amazingly colorul and full of happy life.

  3. I just love this artist's work. So filled with color and life. Thanks for sharing it here!

  4. I see so much Mexican and South American folk art, it's wonderful to see this Asian contemporary folk art...thanks!


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