Back with the Lollipop Kids

Just a short and sweet little post today.  
Knowing that I had a couple of really fun on line classes starting this week, I thought I would  post what I have been working on, but now tucking away for completion at another time.

It is exciting to have several styles of painting and creating to juggle around.  I feel like I did when 7 years old, walking home from public school and lingering at the old general store that had gigantic glass jars filled with every possible kind of candy.......

Everything one can think of was used on this double page spread.
This Cutie Pie is spot on when she writes: art is messy! That is why it is loads of fun.

The start of a few pages in  a large art journal being prepared to paint Faces and Figures in. 

The Funny Bunnies can sit and cut and paste for hours and hours.  They are is loads of fun and I have been doing my share to keep up with them.

Hang on to all of those catalogs that flood your mailbox. This is super recycling at its best!

See you soon with some pretty cool NEW STUFF!!!


  1. So very cute! I love the Lollipop Kids are back!

  2. I love your willingness to cut and paste and get your hands dirty. Can't wait to see what is coming.


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